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Author: Timothy S. Klugh
Cover art by Timothy S. Klugh.



Timothy Reye is on his bicycle rushing off into the countryside. He is a teenage boy who is leaving a tragic past, an unclear future, and he is searching for some sort of change. There are problems behind him, and he is riding as fast as he can to get away from those problems. Still, what he is searching for is just as uncertain. When he enters the town of Pleasantville, his journey appears to come into more trouble, but circumstances change and he is taken in by the Seneca family who is haunted by a recent tragedy of their own. Together the Senecas and Timothy Reye face their struggles and find new hope in each other. There are other difficulties that Timothy must deal with in the town, and he learns to look outside of himself. There are people in the town who offer Timothy loving support and friendship, but the town also has dark secrets and Tmothy finds himself thrown into the depths of its. Even with this, he grows and becomes a stronger individual. However, when the floor falls out from under him, he must face if anyone is willing to help him.

The book is based on dreams the author started having in his own teenage years that carried him through a dark episode in his own life. These dreams started in 1987, and several years later the author decided to compile them into a book. In 1994, he started writing in an effort to tie all of the tales of the fictional town of Pleasantville together as one complete story. In 1997, he finished it.

"The Pleasantville Experience" is a story of finding hope, facing problems, and discovering one capable of more than one thought. It is a story of receiving miracles, making miracles, and finding one's worth.


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Author: Timothy S. Klugh
Cover art by Timothy S. Klugh.



Independent of each other, there are short literary works that Timothy S. Klugh has written. In 2014, these poems and essays were brought together as a collection. The works include subjects on philosophy, fantasy, personal feelings, despair and personal history. Unlike his other works, these shorter bits of literature tend to take a more specific and indepth focus into the heart of the author. They reveal the author himself more than any of his major creations. Because the works were so small, some were becoming obscure and at the risk of being lost. That is why they were brought together as a single collection of works.


    Advice To The Young Who Have A Passion In This Life

    The Beautiful People

    Craft: A Discouraged Human Trait

    Eulogy For Kenneth B. Klugh

    Fairy Tale Scares Children

    The Fall

    The Girl At The Fair

    A Little Lesson About Faith

    The Puzzle Piece From A Different Puzzle

    The Regiment: The Killer Of Dreams

    Stop Seeking The End

    To The Fools


    A Bit Of Thinking

    The Burning

    Cancer And Depression

    A Chance To Have Sunlight

    Christ And Christmas

    A Curse Or A Blessing

    The Dreams Still Call

    Foul Ball To The Stomach

    The Gift Of Choice

    Have I Done My Part?

    Heroes Of 9/11

    It Remains Because We Believe

    The Most Amazing Friend I've Ever Had

    My First Car

    My Intent

    My Son

    My Wife

    The One They Blame

    Path Of Life

    A Rant For The Independent Music Artists


    Shined A Light

    So Many, But Less Than This World Needs

    Splitting The Artist From The Person

    Sticking To Your Dreams


    Widget Of The System

    Women Are




    Angry Elderly Lady In Mt. Sterling, Ohio

    Appalachian Trail And Then Traveling To Cumberland, Maryland In 2010

    Back Home In Grove City, Ohio In 2010

    Gettysburg, Pennsylvania In 2010

    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania In 2010

    Having Pizza By The Pennsylvania Turnpike In 2010

    Hershey, Pennsylvania In 2010

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania In 2010

    Returning Through Hebron, Ohio In 2010

    Returning Through West Virginia In 2010

    Returning Through Zanesville, Ohio In 2010

    Wheeling, West Virginia In 2010

    Zanesville, Ohio In 2010


    Baked Potato

    Bottom Of The Barrel

    The Composer, The Inventor And The Artist


    Devil Slams Door

    Ending Free


    God Bless Depressants

    Greatest Wife And Son In The World

    If You Knew

    In A Hole

    Just Can't Find Happy

    Learning About People

    No All Is Not Right


    A Rock Or A Hard Place

    Sky Was Blue

    Soul Damage

    Stop And Burn


    A True Friend Knows You


    Because We'd Chosen To Believe

    Dasies In Full Bloom

    I Often Marvel At Your Diligence

    I Think It Starts With How You Feel

    I'd Take You To My Pleasantville

    This Is For You, My Special Friend

    Waiting In The Wings

    Why Do You Love Me?

    You'll Be Known By Your Works


    Cycle Of Music Composition

    The End

    Ghosts Of The Past

    One Of Those Faces

    Sometimes I Think

    Talking And Listening

    Thank You

    What If Christ Never Left The Tomb?

    Where Is The Life I Could Have Had?


    "Magick And Poison: The Musical" Courageous Character Refuses To Follow Established Plot

    "Magick And Poison: The Musical" Received Some Amazing Support


    Beautiful Looks


    Dream Factory

    End Of The World

    Fairy Tales Don't Lie

    The Gift Of Music

    Grudge That Lasts Forever

    I Am Grateful For This Day

    I Am My Music

    It Does Not Matter Who They See Me As

    Jesus Freaks

    The Kingdom Of Back And Pleasantville

    L.B. Klugh

    Looking At The Stars

    Mayan Calendar Regarding 2012

    The Misguided

    My Music Is Me

    Occupy Protestors Evicted

    On This Journey

    The Pestilence Of Good People's Lives


    Presumed Distrust

    Pursuing The Dream

    Religion And Science

    Ringer Box And Candlestick Telephone

    She And Me

    Shut The Door


    Soda Fountain

    A Thought About Christmas

    What Others Say

    When My Son Was Not Yet Born


    Double Necktie

    In Regards To My Wife's Approaching Birthday

    Upside Down M&M's


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Author: Timothy S. Klugh
Cover art by Tammy Mair.



Death of the Mad Man is divided into two distinct subjects. The first is a set of metaphoric stories about an individual in perpetual darkness who has turned to suicide as the answer to all the loneliness, isolation and despair that he is in. He experiences visions of the love that he is searching for and philosophizes on his torment and the fulfillment he is trying to find. The answer in his heart is that it is love that he believes will save him, but time and time again, that love betrays him. It is clear that love is his answer, but where that love comes from is what takes so long to understand.

The second subject of these essays is intertwined in the metophoric stories. There are tributes to important people in the author's life at the point where he loses them. These essays discuss the love he had for these people and the reflections of how he felt about the lives they lived.

The collection of the Death of the Mad Man poem and essays are about someone who loved a few very deeply, but had great difficulty in finding love in himself... until one day he finds the answer.


    Death Of The Mad Man


    Death Of The Mad Man

    A Clearer Summer
Death Of The Mad Man (Part 2)

    And The Angels Came
Death Of The Mad Man (Part 3)

    The Glass Bar
Death Of The Mad Man (Part 4)

    The Building Of My Great Fortress
Death Of The Mad Man (Part 5)

    Beyond The Fortress
Death Of The Mad Man (Part 6)

    The Realm Before Me
Death Of The Mad Man (Part 7)

    Letter To Heaven
Death Of The Mad Man (Part 8)

    My Eyes Opened
Death Of The Mad Man (Part 9)

    Coming Home
Death Of The Mad Man (Part 10)

    Gone Too Soon
Death Of The Mad Man (Part 11)