Sticking To Your Dreams

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Sticking to your dreams means that you will spend your life working a double career. Your days will be the normal job where you have to play the role of a normal individual. In the evenings, you spend hours working on your dreams using every available bit of energy that is left to get your most meaningful work done. You'll push yourself to the limits perfecting your craft only to find that the world is always fickle and is slow to acknowledge your work or the fruits of it.

You will make many friends and enemies along the way. There is no way to avoid it. As you progress at your dreams, it just happens. Many friends will like you and your dreams. Some will like just you. Some will just like your dreams. Some will not see the long effort that you have labored to make such things happen. Some will try things on their own believing they can get there faster. If they fail, sometimes they'll blame you... and sometimes that leads to envy. For some do not realize that you have failed many times as well. If you find that someone is envying you, you learn to clear a distance from them. Enemies will lurk around you in the shadows watching for your fall. You learn to ignore them and hope they do nothing more to you than lurk about.

You will find that no one really gets you in your heart, but you take some consolation that they do relate to what you create. Somehow your creations are so much better at describing you than you can. You will find that the world's response to what you create is always less than you hoped for, and what you reap seems to be less than what you sow. Regardless, again you go doing the things you were born to do, rubbing your forehead in frustration wondering why such a creative force in you still leads you on. You keep wondering when you will make that dream that pays-off more than its cost... when you can prove to yourself and others that your endless efforts for your dreams was worth it.

Written on 07/01/2015

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