Timothy S. Klugh is a creator of music, stage musicals, novels and poetry with a large portfolio of accomplished works. He composes and produces numerous music works that have appeared in various theatre shows, audio books, and other productions. Collaborating with other writers as a composer, he also helps to create all new musicals. He has created and produced his own musicals as well, such as Magick & Poison. Timothy is also a novelist, poet and an author of various short stories and essays. His novel The Pleasantville Experience is currently becoming an audio book with a full music soundtrack that Timothy is composing.

Encouraging others to pursue their dreams, Timothy has helped nearly a hundred independent artists to make their initial leaps toward their own goals through his own facility called T.S. Klugh Studio, a recording and music production shop.

For his efforts, much of Timothy’s work has received awards, recognitions and numerous good reviews. He has brought about many creations and he continues to make more.


COMPOSER / ARRANGER - Composer, songwriter and arranger for theatre, music performances, independent artists and other productions for 23 years.

AUDIO ENGINEER - Operated recording studio software and equipment for 14 years.

VOCALIST - Vocalist with 15 years stage experience.

COMPUTER SOFTWARE DEVELOPER - Computer software developer with 20 years of professional experience.