Photograph by Margaret Buhn

You'll Be Known By Your Works

Copyright © 2008 Timothy S. Klugh. All Rights Reserved.

A heart that’s filled with love and generosity,
Who’s spirit heeds the call God asks of you and me--
A heart that keeps humble and does not advertise,
Will find itself doubted in the flock leader’s eyes.

You give your life to God and pray most earnestly,
And bound yourself to Him and feel serenity.
But if it’s not seen by mortal authority,
You’ll be considered lost and found most unworthy.

What happened to the days when we went straight to God,
Without mortals to judge how tight we held the rod?
So even if we strive to do our Father’s will,
If not seen by one man than it all counts as nil.

If your seen in worship at the right place and time,
No matter if you’re false, they’ll think you’re doing fine.
It’s all about the show and what the others see,
So one can look righteous in his hypocrisy.

But if you don’t attend to prove how good you are,
They’ll think your hiding sins and that you have strayed far.
Although your love and faith is strong as it can be,
If not seen by mortals than all is lost, you see?

I think of the prophets who lived so long ago,
Who spoke only to God and ventured to and fro.
How would they be thought of with their souls Heaven sent
If they did not show up to take the Sacrament?

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