The Gift Of Choice

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My son was sad last night because he feels he has not found his passion in life yet. This brilliant boy who has made good grades all of his life, who has impressed so many adults just by being who he is, was sad because he had not found a strong passion as his father has. My wife and I let Shawn know that his amazing ability to learn and retain what he has learned is already a greater gift from God than either my wife or I were born with. His intellect will help him go incredibly far in whatever path he chooses for his life, and his delightful charisma will make people like him wherever he goes. It may be better for him not to have a singular born-in passion that forces him to one love. With his amazing mind, God gave him the chance to choose anything.

My passion, my unstoppable need to create music, stories, plays, musicals and other things, I love and not love at the same time. I love that I can make inspiring works that reach into people’s souls and touches their hearts (so I have been told on occasion,) but at the same time the unstoppable desire has molded me as an individual into someone who is kind of a misfit in this world. I don’t fit well into the business world and my social skills are awkward. I do take comfort that my creations are just the opposite and I am glad that they may still be around and enjoyed even after my time on this earth. Nevertheless, the singular focus and strong drive of this creative source in me makes it difficult to deal with the day-to-day. It is like my soul knows what it wants. It knows what its purpose is. But it does not fit well out there. I told my son that the singular born-in passion can be wonderful and troublesome. We are odd puzzle pieces, and we have difficulty finding our place. God gave my son the blessing of choice and that is truly a great gift to have.

Written on 10/31/2014
Revised on 05/25/2017

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