So Many, But Less Than This World Needs

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There are so many greatly talented music artists among us, more than you would think, but less than this world needs. These artists invest more in their craft than most of them will ever receive back. They play their music at dark dusty bars, on street corners, or whatever spots that will suffice, and then deliver performances worthy of the finest theatre stages. They barely have enough money or time to do their craft, but when that chance comes, they deliver performances worth a fortune.

In this society, there is minimal space for their existence for they don't fit well to the corporate structure. These artists are obscure individuals, some with massive egos difficult to tolerate, others awkward and unsure of themselves. But their music is free of their human failings and reveals a brilliance that is deep within them. Their music penetrates everyone and fills the heart and stirs the soul. We are lifted up and realize that the beauty of this existence are the things that we cannot store in our pockets or keep to ourselves. The real beauty is unrestrained and open to all.

Written on 01/22/2015
Revised on 05/26/2017

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