Photograph by Lori Klugh

It Remains Because We Believe

Copyright © 2015 Timothy S. Klugh. All Rights Reserved.

I once thought in my early twenties that my fictional town of Pleasantville (the one my novel speaks of) might be real. I dreamed of the town so many times, I could see it in my mind… every street, house, building, park, even the people. My fiancée at the time (now my wife) used to travel with me from place to place hoping to one day to find a glimpse of it. We never found it. It was, in the end, a very vivid dream but nonetheless still a dream.

There was a love and feel about the fictional town of Pleasantville, and my wife and I tried to embrace that feel and give that vibe out to the world. It worked for a while until the sky fell down, and it seemed that Pleasantville burned to the ground, and the earth opened up and took all that we had, and nearly claimed us as well... but we somehow survived, emotionally broken but yet still alive. We were so shaken we barely trusted each other, but as the smoke cleared, we found there were others who had looked at the flames and stoked them higher into a great inferno that burned all, everything and everyone... until the landscape was scorched and only embers remained of a hope, and a dream, and a fabled town I once thought would never fall. After all, it resided deep in the heart. Who ever thought the world could burn one that far?

Yet as the gloom lifted, standing in the ruins, clearly, we were still there. We went through the despair wiser for the wear, not completely repaired but holding tight to each other, we held strong through the pain, what is left of it, knowing it would not remain.

Things will not be the same, and we know that, but to each other we will show that we intend to stay strong to our bond and find our way home together, or even make one better. To the outside, we now know better and will no longer weather the darkness that we did not see before. We are not so naive and unsure, and we will not tolerate it anymore.

Whatever may come, our future remains as one, and our dreams remain strong and will still carry on. For the love meant to be cannot be stopped even if the world falls apart. It remains because we believe.

Written on 06/23/2015

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