Have I Done My Part?

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I think about my son's future based on what I see now. I ask myself have I done everything I could (to the best of my power and abilities) to assure my son a future that is as good or better than my own? Have I shown him how to stand up for what is right? Have I shown him how to never fear evil but to stand for good regardless of the cost... that the purpose of this life is to show our Heavenly Father that we not only will live as He wants us to, but that we also want to live as He wants us to... that whether or not there be rewards waiting in Heaven, the rewards do not matter and that we should do what is right merely and only because it is the right thing to do... that regardless what miracles happened in the past, that he not follow God's will only because they were miracles... that if somehow a miracle was discovered to not have happened, that his strength and faith will not be altered because he did not build his house upon the miracle but on his own faith. That he considers all knowledge before he makes a decision... that he never changes himself for another person, and that he only changes himself if he feels or he thinks that God feels that he needs improvement... that he not be afraid to face the most intimidating wrath to do what is just and good... that he let no man stand between he and God... that he accepts no words from any man except that he consults with God first... that he not be afraid to stand alone, lose his friends, or be persecuted in order to do what his Heavenly Father wants of him... that he be his brothers' keeper... that he cares, looks after, and seeks out all opportunities to help his brothers and sisters on this earth.

Have I done my part? I hope I've come close. And I apologize to my son for the things that I am incapable of doing to make his future as good or better than my own. I can do my part to face the problems of this world, and I can cry from the wilderness to make people aware of troubles. Regardless, I can only hope that others care enough to their children to listen.

As this Christmas comes, please consider giving your children the gift that you yourself will also do all you can to protect their future... that you will not thwart but will seek out the problems and do your part to help. We are in the latter-days, but that does not mean that we just sit and let it happen. It is my son and it is all your children that will have to face a much darker and dangerous world if we ignore and do nothing about what is starting to unfold. Do not stand idly by and let your children fight what you have refused to see. Give your children a good future, and you will have given them hope.

Written on 12/24/2011
Revised on 05/22/2017

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