Women Are

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Women are the beauty and inspiration of this life. Their strength is in their ability to love and nurture. Their brilliance is in their intellect and behavior. Their divinity is in their body's ability to bring life. Their magic is in their intuition, empathy, and compassion. Their miracle is in their ease to forgive. Their allurement is in their personality and touch.

A woman never ceases to be a source of gentle guidance and giving. She holds many secrets inside, and her depths are filled with them. She can care openly and broadly, and everyone can find solace under her wings.

She is the elegant muse that for men makes existence worthwhile. Women are the inspiration behind the most beautiful songs, the most exquisite poems, the loveliest artworks, and the most intoxicating creatures of mythology. The woman's body is molded as if by the finest sculptor. Her eyes are like a window to another world. Her voice is a comfort to the soul.

A woman is what makes a man strive to be as great as he can be, if he is worth his weight as a man. A woman is what makes a man dream. A woman is what makes a man feel there is hope in this world. A woman is the wonderment that makes everything extraordinary.

Written on 03/31/2016
Revised on 05/23/2017

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