Shined A Light

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I have been told by a few that I uplift some, and that some are made stronger because of something maybe I said or did, but that is not true at all. I am amazed at the strength some have, when some observer, like me, just shines a light on what was already inside someone. People are strong on their own; People are brilliant on their own; People are incredible on their own. The only reason they do not see it is because no one shined a light on it.

As for myself, I may see the potential in others, but I hardly see a lot of it in myself, despite all the crazy things I try to accomplish. My floors fall through; More than one day can pass that is terribly dark in my life, and usually the dark ones come more often than not. Maybe it is my own protection from the darkness to shine light into others and show them what is already inside them. I hope all of us can start to learn to shine light in others and make the effort to show others what makes them great. I hope everyone starts doing this all the time.

If everything stopped tonight… if the universe collapsed, I know that I realized what I was best at before the end came. I showed others that they were already always limitless and far greater than they thought they could be. All I did was shine a light on it. It was always there.

Written on 04/27/2016
Revised on 05/23/2017

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