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What If Christ Never Left The Tomb?

Copyright © 2011 Timothy S. Klugh. All Rights Reserved.

What if Christ never left the tomb?
What if Christ did not resurrect?
What if Christ did not show miracles witnessed by the apostles?
What if Christ never visually ascended to Heaven?
What if there was no burning bush?
What if there was no manna?
What if there were no miracles to prove God is God and above all things of this earth?
What if you truly were left with faith all by itself?

What if archeologists actually found Jesus' tomb and had fact beyond any doubt that it was his body there…
   no miracle to cap off Christ's great work?
Would that change anything in the words he taught?
Would that change the impact that those words have on you?
Would that stop you from a life bound by ethics and morality?
Would you still selflessly hold yourself by the good values taught in the scriptures?
Would you still do the right things,
   the righteous things,
   the high moral things,
   the charitable things,
   the benevolent things
      if there were no miracles
         and all you had was your own personal conviction
            and desire to do what is right just because it is right?

I hope your answer is a boldly noted YES.
Because, if it is not,
   is it really faith alone
      that keeps you bound to righteousness?

Written on 10/15/2011
Revised on 05/30/2017

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