Ringer Box And Candlestick Telephone

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I got a ringer box for my 1918 candlestick telephone. The date in the ringer box says 1946, but it serves the same function. Back in the day of my candlestick telephone, there was no ringer inside of it. The ringer would be a separate wooden box on the wall. This box was called a ringer box. Above is a picture of my 1918 candlestick telephone and my 1946 telephone ringer box. Also notice that the telephone has no dial. You contacted the operator back then to place a call.

Inside my telephone ringer box is the cool stuff that made it work (even a schematic.) The ringer had a magneto generator (the big black thing on the right side) that would power the electromagnetically-driven hammer (top left) that would rapidly move a ball hammer between the two external ringer gongs.

Written on 07/22/2010 and 08/31/2010
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