I Think It Starts With How You Feel

Copyright © 1995 Timothy S. Klugh. All Rights Reserved.

I must admit I've seen in you
A friendship that's so pure and true.

Though my words cannot explain why,
I'll do my best and give a try.

I think it starts with how you feel.
For these things you are sure are real.

Although I don't see what you see,
I understand you care for me.

Understand? Well, that's rather small.
Words like that can't describe it all.

For you it's something you just know.
Your love for me can only grow.

I said "grow." Is that really love,
Or do you feel things far above?

What you want is a pinnacle--
A higher and respected goal.

So what's the word for what you want--
Picking the prime mixed in some runts.

How does one perform such a stunt--
Finding a word for what you want?

Thank goodness blessings told the word,
A word unlike any I've heard.

Your love will make you a good wife.
It's the "paramount" of your life.

Yes, paramount! That must be it!
No other word is more solid.

And, I'm sure you will find it true.
Eternally, he'll love you too.

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