My Wife

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Every part of my life, my wife has never ceased to amaze me. Although the outer personality can vary with the weather, just like anyone, the inside of her is filled with a love and faith that is unbreakable regardless the seasons that have passed. That love and faith endures despite all that has been thrown towards her. The challenges, trials, and tribulations she has gone through has brought her to her knees before but never broke the spirit within. Her love and faith has never done anything but grow stronger, always stronger. No one and nothing has ever stopped or even shaken the love and faith she has... for me.

I may carry battle scars from a childhood of neglect and abuse, but she has always seen the best in me. Through all we've enjoyed or suffered in, her only hope was to see us face it together. In her eyes, I am a better man than I could ever see in me. And no matter the consequence, whether we did rise or fall, all she has ever wanted was for me to be happy. She would sacrifice anything she could to make that happen.

In the end, though my life has been filled with some tough obstacles, with this woman I cherish as my companion, if all this pain was the requirement to have such a wife as she, all of the troubles together would be a small price for her love.

God bless my tender dear wife, Lori Klugh.

Written on 01/22/2015
Revised on 05/26/2017

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