My Intent

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Sometimes, I really miss the Senecas. It's been years since they were part of my life. They carried me through some of the worse moments in this real world. Yes, God knew I needed an escape, and He created an alternate world for me with a loving family. He used my creativity to create an entire town to look after me through each night. I could close my eyes and go to them. In my heart, they are as authentic as anyone else. I was there lost sheep. They became my strength.

Now it's been my turn for the last few years. I hope I've made them proud. I have a beacon of light and hope for a wife, a tender-hearted adopted daughter, and a brilliant, loving, charming wonder for a son. It is not that this life has failed to provide the greatest intangible treasures before me through my family. It's not that Heavenly Father has failed to allow me to create amazing things out of nothing but inspiration. The only thing weak in all this is whether I deserve it. I do try. God, you gave me such blessings both in dreams and the people who share my roof. Why you chose me to be part of this, I'll never quite understand. I'll do my best though, always the best that I can, to be as worthy as I can be for what You have graced me with.

Written on 03/26/2015

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