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I Am Grateful For This Day

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January 29, 2015:

I am grateful for this day, because this is the date that gave my life new meaning, made my purpose of existence more extraordinary, brought comfort to my soul, and showed me that God thought I deserved something wonderful that I could call my own. On this date, my beautiful bride was born, and she has been so many things to me that trying to define what she means to me goes beyond words. The bonds that link us together are dreams, music, family, love and a realization in our hearts that we have always been together long before this life. These bonds have carried us through so much and have proven we are unbreakable no matter what. She is a beautiful muse to my inspirations; She is a loving mother to our son; She gives me a companionship that most others would marvel at; She is the light that brightens my way as we face the world together. Therefore, this date has a certain sense of sacredness to me. It was the date that God brought into this world the greatest thing that ever happened to me.
Happy Birthday, Lori Klugh. Born: January 29, 1972.

Written on 01/29/2015
Revised on 05/26/2017

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