The One They Blame

Copyright © 2021 Timothy S. Klugh. All Rights Reserved.

When you stand for what is right, when you try to teach what is right as the ethical compass of life. When you are not as outspoken as others, beware. You will find that you become the problem. Whether you speak angrily or calmly, you become the problem.

When the world falls apart, which it does for everyone. Anyone can do poisonous wrongs, and the wrongs that some do lead to other poisonous wrongs done by others. Because you still turn to what is right even after you do such a wrong yourself, if you do the right thing and apologize for your wrong, you will be taken over. You will be the one pointed to for every frustration, even those caused by others. It is because, since you acknowledged your wrong doing by apologizing, you are now subject to everyone's scrutiny because others will hear about you and your acknowledged wrongs. Where you held back from sharing their wrongs from others, they have no problem telling others about yours.

The years pass and whenever the storm brews, others will let their anger come upon you. They will blame you for even others getting angry because it seems you can be stamped upon. You start to believe them after a while. And what do you do? You still pursue the right even if it leads you to pain. You were taught that going with what is right was always the best path, but you begin to discover that no one really cares about what is right. Rather, they care about who can trample the hardest upon someone else.

Written on 05/08/2021