Photograph by T. Al Nakib

The End

Copyright © 2012, 2017 Timothy S. Klugh. All Rights Reserved.

Remember the end?
I mean, when the end
Seemed closer then
You now see the end?

Back at that end,
You decided then
You would try to mend
What led you then
Toward that end.

And since back then,
What has happened
To each friend
That you did append
Since you chose to suspend
What once was the end?

Did you commend,
Love, and attend
To each friend?
Did you make an amend
Or just pretend
You did not offend?

Did you better spend
What you did extend?
Is the present better then
Back when
You chose to ascend
Beyond that end?

If you failed to expend
The good and transcend…
If you did misspend
The extra time to mend,
Maybe back when
You chose it was not the end,

You were wrong.

Written on 04/20/2012
Revised on 05/29/2017

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