This Is For You, My Special Friend

Copyright © 1994 Timothy S. Klugh. All Rights Reserved.

This is for you, my special friend,
                    a poem from myself--
A message that I've longed to share,
                    a feeling few have felt.

For no one has ever freed me
                    my insecurities.
You've shown me that I'm not alone.
                   You're all I'd like to be.

Your voice is like a soothing song
                   of memories long past--
A song that beams of childhood dreams
                   with happiness that last--

Dreams that thrilled me with promises,
                   a future I might have--
A future filled with such delight
                   that I'd never be sad.

But, as I grew, those dreams soon died
                   and the darkness came in.
The light I had was lost in youth,
                   and despair dwelt within.

Through tear-worn eyes, I kept the search
                   to find someone who knew
The yearning that I felt inside--
                   Not knowing what to do.

But, like a gift, you came along
                   and eased me of my fears.
This poem is for you, my friend,
                  to last you all your years.

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