Photograph courtesy of L.B. Klugh

L.B. Klugh

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My grandfather, L.B. Klugh, loved music as much as I do today. He played the piano just like my father, my son and me. I never got the chance to meet my grandfather, but I can hear him. In 1949, he cut phonograph records of him playing the piano. In 1950, he died. What a blessing it was for L.B. to record those records. To his descendants, those records are a family treasure. Here is my favorite recording from those acetate records... a song my father used to sing all through my childhood... that I sing to my son now... L.B. plays Irving Berlin’s 1933 classic, "Easter Parade".

Link: http://www.TimothySKlugh.com/studio/mp3fulls/LB_Klugh-Easter_Parade.mp3

Written on 06/06/2010
Revised on 06/04/2017

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