The Burning

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The Burning… That's what they called it, and I learned about it this evening. It was a most terrible event that occurred in November of 2013 where me and my dream project "Magick & Poison: The Musical" was symbolically purged and burned in a literal bonfire by some disgruntled cast members. What got to me was that I don't recall doing anything foul to these few cast members who decided me and my dream was worthy of a ritualistic culling.

I helped one of these people to have opportunities to sing and be heard. I gave one of these individuals a chance to have three of his songs recorded for free in my studio. I supported one of these individuals with his own religious project and adult scouting project. One of them was a drummer who I actually considered to be like a brother. None of them ever spoke to me of this... that they got together one night and burned scripts, other show documentation, and bashed me and my project during it,... And for what? What did I do to you? Let me assure you that I have been in theatre for years and (as peculiar as theatre people may be) I have never heard of such a hateful even unnerving thing as this ritual you did called "The Burning". I mean there were a few Mormons in this crowd. There was an actress who I greatly respected and gave the role of Briar Rose to. Some of these people are still friends of mine currently, and I just found out that you "burned" me and my dream in a fire? I can understand if I went out of my way to hurt any of you, but that was not the case. The truth is you let yourself be lead to anger by one mean-spirited woman. But still, this "The Burning" ritual was over-the-edge and downright disturbing.

I know now who all took part in this, and although I wish you well in your future endeavors, I do ask that you never do something like this to anyone else ever again. And to be honest, I don't see how I could possibly keep a friendship with someone who would do this to me and then act to me like they had no problems. This was just sick.

Why? No, never mind why. There really is no way to put a good spin on this. I am really... Geez, why would you do this?

Written on 01/19/2015
Revised on 05/26/2017

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