The Most Amazing Friend I've Ever Had

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Through the precious and few blissful summits I have reached in my life, and through the darkest pits where there seemed no escape. Through the warmest memories, through the deepest despair, through the happiness, anger, sadness, fear, I have had a friend who was always there, I have had a friend who went through the comforts and the craziness, every step of the way, the most amazing friend I've ever had was, and is, and will always be my wife.

No one else has been there no matter what life would bring. No one else stood by me and soared with the dreams and also trudged through the terrible times as well. She is strong and fragile at the same time. Her armor hides a person inside who just wants to be loved. She is quick to befriend and will fight ceaselessly before releasing someone she cares for. She is from a good but wounded family who has experienced more pain than most, yet she is the quickest to release her problems and embrace potential. She is so much energy that she can make grand things happen. She is a mover that keeps others inspired to move on. She is one who is dear to many, everyone's safe place, a spark of hope, a laugh that never ends, an optimist to a fault, a support when all else fails, a festive spirit that lifts everyone else, and a singing voice that makes one believe the song was about her.

To say she means the world to me only begins to tell just how wonderful she is. I know no matter what, she will be who she has always been, the one who loves not just now and then, but always and ever to the end, she is an amazing friend... the greatest I ever had.

Written on 09/27/2016

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