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A Rant For The Independent Music Artists

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Is it worth it? If I released more premium music ($1 per track, $10 per album) and not as much free music, would people buy it? With the way music is taken for free off the Internet anymore, an independent artist like myself sees little, very little profit on my music.

The first of my premium compact disc albums was released in 2010, "Magick & Poison (Studio Mix)”. It was followed this year by "Trilogy (Production Edition)". Not many sales. There are also albums that I have sold for charity (all profits going to charity) and they sold well. What am I to assume? If it’s free, they like it. If it goes to charity, they buy it. If the profit goes in my pocket, there are almost no sales at all.

What does it mean? I'm not sure, but the results are a low morale every time. Music is not something tangible, but nonetheless, it is an artwork that has taken many hours of long labor and expensive tools to make. Speaking for other independent artists and myself, try to support us a little, if you like the music we make. If you don't like our music, we don't mind no support. But, if you do like the free stuff, consider purchasing the premium stuff. A lack of profit leads to no money to repair broken equipment, which leads to the music stopping.

Written on 12/23/2011
Revised on 05/30/2017

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