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Foul Ball To The Stomach

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You would not believe it! This was my first time at a baseball game at Huntington Park in Columbus, Ohio. It was the evening of Monday, April 12, 2010. This baseball park is the home of the Columbus Clippers, and tonight I took a foul ball to the stomach! Ouch! It hurt and burned agonizingly! I saw the baseball coming flying toward me, and I was seated in my chair with my hands full. There was nothing I could do but think the thought, “I can’t believe this…”

Tonight was the Columbus Clippers Dime-A-Dog Night. It was my son’s first time at a baseball game. The foul ball that hit me left me with a massive bruise on the stomach that kind of looked like a comet… like a fading bruise started on the path of my skin as the ball landed on my body before bouncing off of it and finally landing again two seats away. The man there went to grab the baseball but my wife looked at him and said, “You got to be kidding.” The man surrendered the ball, and it was returned to me as my souvenir… well, the ball and the bruise… for tonight’s game.

Later that evening after the game, my wife took me to where the baseball players exited the park. We waited for the player who hit the foul ball (that then hit me) to come out. The player was happy to autograph my ball. I thought to myself, “It was a pleasure taking your ball to the gut, Jose Constanza.”

Written on 04/12/2010
Revised on 06/05/2017

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