I Often Marvel At Your Diligence

Copyright © 1997 Timothy S. Klugh. All Rights Reserved.

You are my hopes, my dreams, my goals, my wishes.
You are the inspiration that carries me on.
You are the strength that pushes me forward,
You are the gentle loving arms that keep me calm.

When I am misused and my world confused,
It is your tender touch that makes me feel so safe.
And, though my great rage need not be engaged,
Your heart opens up with unconditional love.

I am a rock and a hot raging fire
And sometimes I hurt and burn you so very deep.
My life's been pain and, though you've had the same,
You are the first chance I've had to have happiness.

If others frown when I try to achieve
My boyhood dreams I've had from my childhood,
You block them out from discouraging me
And say that my dreams are ours to make real.

I often marvel at your diligence
To be the wife that I've always wanted to have.
You look beyond your wants and more toward mine
And dedicate your purpose to uplifting me.

Your love for me is so vast I can't see
If there are limits to what you would do for me.
For, you forever give...asking one thing...
That I will be there regardless what time will bring.

With you by my side we can get through all
The heavy burdens others may put against us.
I'll always be there, for I am too wise
To send such an angel like you away from me.

(Thursday, August 28, 1997)
Dedication: “Dedicated to my wife Delora for our first wedding anniversary.”

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