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VOTING: I FEEL COMPELLED TO ADD THIS THOUGHT. Remember that through the voting process, we are not electing the next celebrity, the next reality show star, the first of a certain race, the first of a particular gender, of a religion, of a nationality, our favorite political party, the most charismatic, or the most talked about by the media. We are CHOOSING THE NEXT LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD. We are choosing the person who is going to shape our country, govern our people, protect our nation, and influence how the rest of the world looks at us for the next four to eight years. We are choosing our leader because of the views that that candidate stands by for the prosperity, integrity and longevity of our way of life. Do not let yourself be led by anything but those attributes that should truly be considered. Do not let the media tell you who you want to vote for because the media is paid-for and is severely biased. Do not ignore the fact that the candidates that the media says are the clear front-runners both have some corruption in their past. Some candidates may be outspoken and stick a foot in the mouth openly, and some are smart enough to keep their corruption out of the public memory, and unfortunately we the public tend to have a short memory.

When you vote, you are making a huge decision on what happens to our country and our world. Shut off the media, shut off the agenda rallies, shut off what party your family always stood by, shut off the popular opinions, shut off everything that is telling you who to vote for. Go on the Internet, read everything you can that is GOOD and BAD about these candidates. Be impartial, range your research from the positive propaganda to the most negative conspiracies. You will find the truth seeping out of it all. Take time to find out all you can about your next political leader, and keep in mind that all the promises the candidates spout are mostly discarded as soon as that candidate enters the White House. It is the trail that those candidates have already left behind them that is the resource that truly tells you what each candidate is about and how ethical that candidate really is.

It is time that WE THE PEOPLE, all of us, start looking after our marvelous country again. And, anyone who uses the term Constitutionalist as a term of craziness needs to start rethinking everything about this country. All of us in this country should be Constitutionalists because this historic document defines and stands for what makes this country great. It is still as significant and potent today as it was when it was written. If someone tries to shame you for your allegiance to the bedrock of this great country, then they are trying to steal your country out from under you. The Constitution is the very thing that gives you the right to vote. Stand by it.

Written on 03/16/2016
Revised on 05/24/2017 and 10/23/2017

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