Photograph by Bob Smith

The Pestilence Of Good People's Lives

Copyright © 2012 Timothy S. Klugh. All Rights Reserved.

Some feelings of many resentments fell off me this week like old scabs. I feel cleaner in the soul than I've ever felt before. I saw the road I was traveling as I carried with me all the wrongs done to me all these years, and I saw the horrible end of that road when earlier this week I witnessed the results of someone else (caught up in the woes of her own life) meet the end of that road before me. I think I finally found true forgiveness to the bullies of my past, and I feel such freedom to be whoever I want to be without concern of what others think of me. To the bullies: I feel sorry for you that you do exist and are the pestilence of good people's lives. To the victims of those bullies who met the end before they recovered: Wherever you are, rejoice that there are those that recovered before the end. And to the years ahead, I greatly look forward to what it is going to be like!

Written on 07/22/2012

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