Thank You

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How blessed I am.

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for setting my path in life that guided me here…
   placing troubles, agonies, trials, shortcomings and errors in my life that formed the person I am.

Thank you for the teachers who referred to me as "retarded"
   because it strengthened my resolve.

Thank you for the bounteous amount of people who do not "get” me
   because it lets me know how precious and rare I am.

Thank you for the spiteful and mean people who have hurt me,
   for it made me appreciate greatly the love of my wife, son and friends.

Thank you for the many people who question my faith, both those who share my faith and not,
   for it lets me know how unique and strong my relation is to God.

Thank you for making me such an odd-ball,
   such a peculiarity,
      such a daydreamer,
         such a rogue,
            such a depressant,
               such a textbook-case middle child,
                  such a nonconformist,
                     such a misfit...
    it strengthened my dreams and assured me that you,
      my God,
         had something very special for me to do in this life.


Written on 10/15/2012
Revised on 05/27/2017

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