To The Fools

Copyright © 2014 Timothy S. Klugh. All Rights Reserved.

Now that your mangled and strewn in your ruin, now that all has been revealed in your fall, this is a tribute to you, the fools who believed.

Here's to the fools who followed the rules, who sought others advice, who tried to play nice, who thought every man was in on some plan to always be stout and help others out, who thought the intent was to represent all that could and should be good in this world.

You fools turned to the light and with all might did what was right and fought the good fight, but never looked back to see if in fact others were doing the same. For others were not using what's taught for us to put first in our lives, so you fool's obligation to help all find salvation became your defamation by their desecration of all those great values you hold dear. And when your light was bright and those dimmer caught sight, did they realize their plight and change, even slight, to reach the height of the morals we were taught. Or did they envy? Or did they use you? Did they twist your good call and with bitter gall hurt you, cheat you, take all they could from you and then cheer with your fall?

And now in the ashes of your ruin, in the rot that is now your lot, you wonder was it your fault that you did not foresee their assault? Some you called friend, in the end, to them it was just pretend. And, some others were indeed a friend but to both sides, and they did not want to offend. So they let those that pretend to be a friend do the damage to you without stopping what they saw... and then watched you stabbed in the back, silently watched the attack, to not even act against it and uphold what was right and fair. So now that you’re down they stand around as if there was nothing they could do.

You are the fool. Why? Because if you strive for values others hold high just because others say you should, your devotion is empty, and you are just a shell that is so easily cracked. Others will see the weakness and use you, abuse you, and then undo you. However, all is not lost although you paid a heavy cost to find it. The truth is (though the fool has toppled and fallen,) you got the chance to find you.

Now that you’re down, see what is found in your own heart. What is it you want to be? What is truly that which fulfills your soul? If its hatred and spite, may you remain in this smite, but in all honesty you'll most-likely see that you want to reach again for the good. But, this time the good is for you because it is what you want yourself to be. You'll find you will want to believe only what you feel should truly be believed. You'll rise again because you'll want to rise, and those that despise your rise you will blow off you like pests... because they are pests and you see them now for what they are.

Those that try to lead you in this world, you'll turn away from them, because everyone is capable of leading themselves. And if you strive to do right, who better to lead you in this world but yourself? After all, who knows you better? And God? Of course, let God open the path before you because God is the only one who you know will love you always and want you to be the real you and the best real you that can be. And you'll have strength and wisdom like never before, and then and only when you have reached then, you'll be a fool no more.

Written on 11/08/2014
Revised on 05/25/2017

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