My Son

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My son is like his old man and his mother combined making an even better person. He is brilliant and outspoken and at a pace in life where at his age he is matching or exceeding where his father or mother were at his age. I do not know even one other teenager who pushes his creativity like my son does.

Considering that many people see him as clumsy and awkward, my son has expressed some of the most profound thoughts I have ever heard. Despite a crippling depression, he constantly works on his dreams and toward his goals. Considering the sorrows my son has had to suffer, the criticism he has received, and the artistic personality that sets him apart from others, my son has endured and has already achieved so much. He is a funny young man, a true comedian, but remember that much of that humor is there to distract him from the pain he feels inside.

He is going to be someone extraordinary in his lifetime, and I hope he reaches those great heights, every one of them. I wish him a life on his terms, doing his dreams... having a wife that sees not just his art but the individual he is inside... having children who will also chase their dreams with even greater vigor than he. I want my son to reach the very limits of his abilities... and then push forward showing he has no limits after all. I see an amazing artist and a respected individual in the future, and both are my son.

Written on 02/02/2017

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