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Widget Of The System

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Everyone has a purpose to be here. Everyone has a contribution to life and the universe. Being a widget of the system is not that purpose. It is only what happens when we fail to stop going with the flow… when we never pause to think "I must be here for something more than this!"

You are more important than you realize you are. Of all the wonders discovered in the entire universe, the most complex structure known… is the brain. Black holes, super novae, quasars, planets, cosmic clouds, galaxies… nothing out there comes close to the intricacy of the brain.

So what does that mean? That means that you are an amazing, an extraordinary work in comparison to everything that exists. As the famous philosopher Descartes said, "I think therefore I am".

No asteroid, gas giant, star, or supercluster can ponder a second of thought… an instant of comprehension. Nothing yet observed in the universe has the capability for complex thought but the brain. This ability for complex thought is rare and precious, and in the vast cosmos, you have one.

I beg you to consider just how important you are. Do not spend your life being nothing more than a cog in the machine. You are more than that. Each of us has a purpose, and no one else has the purpose that you have. Find that purpose. If you already have found it, live that purpose. Do not let anyone else tell you your purpose, for they are not you. Become who you were meant to be... and finally you will be free of the system.

Written on 08/23/2012
Revised on 05/29/2017

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