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2018 Performance
Performance Dates
Thursday, July 19, 2018 at 7:00 PM
Friday, July 20, 2018 at 8:00 PM
Saturday, July 21, 2018 at 2:00 PM
Saturday, July 21, 2018 at 8:00 PM
NPAC: Northland Performing Arts Center
4411 Tamarack Blvd, Columbus, Ohio, USA, 43229


(In order of appearance)

The Pied Piper is a traveling bard and minstrel who has seen much of the happenings of time through his extraodinary stay on this world. He has regaled listeners with his wondrous tales and captivating all with his mystical pipe. He is an orator of exuberant narratives whether whimsical fantasies or solemn dramas. He goes from place to place telling mesmerizing accounts of legends, dreams and adventure.

A king from the Dark Ages who once ruled over a kingdom in the Britons that did strive for what was good and just. King Cole was known for his positive, patient and supportive mannerisms and good temperament while being a beloved leader (even in the face of trials.) His queen is Good Queen Clairen, and his longtime close friend is Fiddler. With Clairen, he is loving and compassionate. With Fiddler, the king is curiously amazed at Fiddler's resourcefulness, frustrated at Fiddler's mellow dramatic tendencies, but appreciative of their friendship. With his daughter Brier Rose, he is protective, caring and very worriedly concerned about her future. After King Cole is bewitched and seduced by the witch Rostislav (who appears to him as a beautiful maiden,) despite his best efforts to recover, King Cole is overcome by Rostislav's influence that leads him into a spiral of self-loathing, paranoia and deep depression to the point that he is a different person to the others. The exception is in his bond with his daughter Brier Rose that, despite Rostislav's relentless attempts to undo, cannot be broken.

One of the three sister witches residing in the land of Fabula, Rostislav is a coercer and manipulator of others. She understands human emotions far more than her sisters. She is continually trying to prove her worth to her sister Tomislav whether by persuasion, sarcasm or threat. When Rostislav gets a chance to control a victim, she takes it all in with vigor, enthusiasm and passion in indulging on these opportunities that so rarely happen. When she casts a spell upon herself to appear as a beautiful maiden though, she begins to tak on authentic human emotions inside of her, which is the first time she has ever had to experience real feelings. They are felt so powerfully raw, hard and overwhelming upon her. When the floor is pulled out from under Rostislav, she feels strong heartbreak, rejection and betrayal and has no ability to properly cope with her despair. It ends up breaking her mind.

The queen of King Cole, she is a regal and proper but also warm and gentle queen. In Fabula, she keeps to her noble nature for a short while but begins to seek more connected friendships with the survivors of the court. King Cole is her true love and confident and the only one to deeply knows her heart. With Fiddler, she keeps her regal ways unless she is chastising King Cole or Fiddler for the pranks they play on each other. With Maleen, Clairen eventually reaches out to start a more personal relationship with her, ignoring the differences in their classes. Clairen feels much responsibility believing she is the reason behind the exile that has been brought upon her husband, her court and herself. She also is seeking to have a child after years of being unable to. In Fabula, Clairen is tricked by a magic fish to start eating the Rapunzel flowers that cause her to become addicted to them. At the same time, the flowers weakens her, which makes her physical condition worse when she does become pregnant.

Maleen is a maid in the castle who has worked herself up from being a peasant. She tries to never reveal that she once was a commoner. To help with this, Maleen has trained herself to speak with a perfect English accent, although she occasionally speaks in her peasant accent when her emotions become strong. With King Cole, she is dutiful and never wants to let the king down. After King Cole is put under Rostislav's spell, the king’s disposition grows darker and unappreciative of those around him. It tears Maleen apart when she feels she can no longer please the king. With Good Queen Clairen, Maleen is also a loyal subject and is later welcomed to become a personal friend to the queen. With Fiddler, Maleen is often very irritated with him because the minstrel knows how to get under her skin. However, Maleen is quite able to return the banter when challenged. Although Fiddler is aware of her lowly origins as a commoner, he does not share that knowledge them anyone else. As times become darker for those in the castle, Fiddler and Maleen bond closely to each other and eventually come to love each other. After Good Queen Clairen dies, Maleen looks after the queen’s daughter Brier Rose. Maleen is very warm and nurturing to the princess throughout Brier Rose’s childhood.

It becomes pretty apparent from the beginning that there is a lot more to Fiddler than just his current role as a fiddle player. Fiddler is particularly protective of the human survivors. Fiddler has experienced many things in his life, and it has left him quite knowledgeable and skilled as a guard, inventor, musician and hunter. He is very superstitious and expects only trouble from anything alive that is not human. He is the first to take on a foe and the first to make sure all is safe. With King Cole, he is a longtime friend and often teases with the king. He is very respectful to Good Queen Clairen and looks after her. With Maleen, he handles her with a certain amount of tolerance. However, he can at times become critical of and short tempered toward Maleen, who delivers his attitude right back at him. When times get rough and darker, it is shown that Fiddler and Maleen grow to love each other.

She is the only child of King Cole and Good Queen Clairen. Brier-Rose is born as her mother dies. She is given blessings from the fairies during her christening, including one from the Blue Fairy that protects her from the worst of Rostislav’s curse. Brier-Rose is optimistic, compassionate, sympathetic, patient and has a vivid imagination. She is touched by destiny and feels its presence from time to time. This particular gift manifests itself in emotional connections and in visions. As King Cole progressively falls deeper into Rostislav’s spell, it is Brier-Rose who reaches out to him the most. She helps her father to see clearly, if only for a brief time before he returns into the darkness. Rostislav tries several attempts to bring death upon Brier-Rose but is never able to succeed. At the age of fifteen, Brier-Rose falls into a deep sleep that she will not awake from until the one who is meant to be her love finds her and kisses her. Brier-Rose is imaginative and curious by nature. She sees the world with a strong belief in her sense of destiny. She can also become deeply empathetic and concerned about others. Brier-Rose is also naïve and gullible at times causing her to be misled into some terrible circumstances.

Rumpelstiltskin is the most vile and darkest of all the Fae. There is nothing moral or ethical about him except for his loyalty to a deal made. He has helped Rostislav in the distant past. Back then, his leg was damaged by a sword. As a result, he now uses a shillelagh to walk with. When Rostislav has trouble trying to kill Brier Rose, she summons this impish creature to help do her dirty work. Rumpelstiltskin has some of Rostislav’s magical power in him, and he uses it to change forms. He also has the power to spin gold thread. Rumpelstiltskin can appear as a handsome boy or as a stalky, hairy little man. In either form, he uses his shillelagh, and not just to help him walk. He is a skillful fighter using his shillelagh as a club, which he can deliver heavy blows with. He also carries a dagger upon him. He is very talented at deception and nearly gets Brier Rose to take her own life out of guilt for her dead mother's sorrow. Rupelstiltskin does this when he is in the appearance of a boy. When he is the hairy little man (his true form), he tends to let out more of his odd and peculiar personality. In his true form, he trembles as if nervous, but this is just part of his demented nature. He is actually quite in control of himself. He has a shrill, stuttering laugh that is unnerving to listen to. Rumpelstiltskin does not do any favors without a deal set first, and he will see it through on his part to the best of his abilities. He always stays true to a deal.

One of the three sister witches residing in the land of Fabula, Tomislav is a brilliant strategist with a massive ego. She constantly belittles her sister Rostislav to keep her sister beneath her. Tomislav has no compassion for others and only uses them to better her position. Tomislav is so repulsed by human emotions that the thought of what love is sickens her. Every other living being is nothing but a game piece to Tomislav, only there to suit her needs. Arrogant and condescending to others, she thinks herself the mastermind of all that the witches have achieved in Fabula. She never gives credit to others. She is unfamiliar with sympathy. Tomislav is a genius of manipulation who achieves her goals often by misleading others into thinking she is seeking certain ends when she is actually pursuing others. Some ambitions Tomislav may appear to be trying to accomplish may be complete fabrications, or they are merely a means to help her get to the actual objective that she has kept hidden. She uses such duplicity to fulfill her plans that her true intentions are not known until they reach fruition.

One of the three sister witches residing in the land of Fabula, Sobislav refused to assist her sisters in taking dominion of Fabula. As a result, Tomislav and Rostislav used their power to forbid Sobislav from ever walking on the land. This left Sobislav only able to live on the water, so she resides on a lake in the middle of the island. Sobislav is the most selfcentered of the three witches and thinks nothing of anyone else. Because she has been punished by Tomislav and Rostislav, this third witch is continuously focused on the ruin of her sisters. Because Sobislav reserved most of her powers, she is much greater in magical strength than the other two witches. Although Sobislav would painfully obliterate Tomislav on sight, Sobislav enjoys the chance to give aid to Rostislav that will only end up destroying Rostislav's mental faculties in the end. Sobislav has no visible emotions other than artificial kindness, cold anger, contempt and an endless need for revenge. Regardless, she mostly has a calm demeanor not showing much emotion at all. However, when she does show her darker side, she springs the darkness out upon others like a weapon. These emotions are exposed very briefly before disappearing into her calm appearance once more. Sobislav is the most unregretful, vengeful, narcissistic and psychopathic of the witches and can be very unpredictable. Her loyalty is exclusively to herself, and anything she does for others is only in order to cause damage upon them.

The Blue Fairy is the most compassionate of the fairies. She has a nature about her that is mysterious and a little surreal. Like all goodhearted fairies, she is protective of children. When absolutely required, she will talk to humans. The Blue Fairy will not correspond with witches at all. The Blue Fairy physically protects the infant Brier Rose from the worst of Rostislav’s curse, and then the Blue Fairy gives a blessing of protection and destiny to the baby Brier Rose.

This spectre is not the actual apparition of Good Queen Clairen, but is an image conjured by Rostislav to shatter the heart of King Cole. The ghost starts with words of comfort for the king, but her words turn to accusations and persecution. The phantom is completely controlled by Rostislav.

Under a spell cast by Sobislav, her magic is cast upon a fish who performs a task to come and speak to Good Queen Clairen. The magic fish grants the queen’s wish to have a child and encourages the queen to eat the Rapunzel flowers that grow in the garden. The fish is not speaking for itself but is being controlled by Sobislav.

The fairies have a mysterious and unworldly nature about them. The fairies have varying dispositions just like their colors vary. The goodhearted fairies protect children, and the more sinister fairies will steal children. However, there is something about Brier Rose that causes the fairies to band together to protect her. Other than the Blue Fairy, the other fairies never speak with humans or witches, although they may sing and dance in the presence of humans.

The Bandersnatch is a frightening monster with a long row of sharp teeth, greatly extended arms and hairy fur growing all over. This monster devours much of the animals around the castle before it is captured by King Cole and Fiddler. Once in the castle, Rumperstiltskin releases the Bandersnatch and uses the monster for the purposes of tearing Brier Rose into pieces and eating her.

These are a few of the bodies of those who did not survive the mermaid attack that sank the cogship. These poor souls were drowned or killed by the mermaid before washing ashore onto the beach of Fabula.

This is the voice of the infant Princess Brier-Rose crying.