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Lemuria was the first known continent of fable. The continent was located in the Ocean due east of Asia. Magic dwelt in this land and so did many of the fae, the mystical creatures of the Earth. They were enchanted and different from Man, who was the child of a god. However, there were then many gods who fought for the control of Man, and all would see the gods battle across the skies. Some gods would group together forming hierarchies of who would control the skies, land and the waters. Nonetheless, it was Man who they prized the most, and the gods detested the fae. The gods cursed Lemuria and it broke from India and sank into the sea. The fabled creatures had to abandon their beloved land to save their lives. They would journey to the west to join the other fae who resided out there.

The fabled creatures crossed over The Great Sea with the Dark Continent, the birthplace of Man, below them and the Greek lands above them. Some of the fae lived upon the islands, for the Greek Gods would not let them reside upon the mainland. It is told by Homer that Odysseus came upon some of the fabled creatures as he journeyed home from the Trojan War. The fae migrated through the Pillars of Hercules where the Great Sea spewed forth into the Ocean westward. Beyond the Pillars of Hercules was the last continent of the fables, which was Atlantis.

Man always feared to venture westward across the Ocean, for it was known that there be monsters there. It was also known that the sea would come to an end somewhere to the west. At this ending were great falls that would pull down the ships of any foolish sailor into a dark abyss to never return. So Atlantis was safe from Man for centuries and the fabled creatures lived therein. Nonetheless, the gods were jealous and sought more land to be given to Man. The world would be formed from a shield to a globe and two great continents would be placed in the west. As these continents were prepared by the gods, Atlantis crumbled and sank below the Ocean.

All hope was not lost though, for on the northern tip of Atlantis was the great mountain Fabula, which was due west of Brittany. Though Atlantis sank into the deepest depths, the great mountain of Fabula could not be swallowed completely by the sea. The top of the mountain became an island and trees and other plants flourished upon it, and what was left of the fae filled the land, which was the only fabled place left in the world.

The last giant, who was called Blunderbore, protected the fae that existed upon the island of Fabula, and he towered into the clouds where he stood. He protected the moon, which was the source of all magic, so that the moon could continue to nourish this one remaining fabled land. The giant would fall when two sister witches came up to the surface from the bowels of Hell. With their evil spells fresh and strong, they were powerful enough to turn the giant to stone. It was at a great cost though to the witches, for the sisters lost most of their power by doing this. The giant fell upon his face with his body stretched across Fabula, and he became the mountain called Blunderbore that towered upon the land.