Timothy S. Klugh
Old Beggar's Prayer
Copyright © 2006, 2008 Timothy S. Klugh. All Rights Reserved.


On My Own


On My Own
Music and Lyrics by Timothy S. Klugh.
Copyright © 1987 Timothy S. Klugh. All Rights Reserved.

There is no one out there who feels quite the way I do,
No one whose caring and love has been abused.
I've learned my lesson on trusting deeply in others
And seeing them tear your heart apart for another.
No more will I need others to show me true love.
I'm gonna fly, Lord!
I'm gonna fly, Lord!

'Cause this time, this time I'm on my own.
I'm gonna go my own way,
'Keep searching for that brighter day.
I'm gonna get up, get up and take my own stand.
I'm gonna write my own plans. I'm gonna be my own man,
Oh, Lord!

This time Lord, it's gonna be for you.
I want you to be my guide. I want you to help me through.
I need some faith to help me out from this dismay.
I'm gonna need you there, Lord. I'm gonna need the words you say
To give me strength, Lord— To give me hope, Lord.

'Cause this time I need you to lead me through,
To help me find the way
To see the light of that brighter day.
I need you to help me decide which one's the right path,
So I can follow it
And come home to you.

The coldness that I felt in the night, I no longer know
Because I opened up my heart to you when I was low.
I let you be my support when I couldn't walk alone.
And now that I have your love, I have forgotten all the evil I've known.

Come Lord, come Lord, and help me along!
May all the goodness in me praise you in this song.
When I gave up all hope, you gave me the will to try,
And when I was cold, you gave me the warmth that lifted me high.
Oh, I can't deny
That you're as bright as the sun! You are the only one!

Oh Lord, this time, this time I'm on my own!
Therefore, I will need you—
Need you to lead me through.
Oh, lead me through!
Because I-- I see a new sun rising,
And there you will be
To open my heart,
To open my eyes and let me see.

I will go your way
And see the dawning of that brighter day-hey-hey.
And, this time, this time, I'll know what to do.
I will see that path,
And I will follow it and come home to you.