Timothy S. Klugh
Oasis Caravan
Copyright © 1992 Timothy S. Klugh. All Rights Reserved.


Streams of Tranquility


Streams of Tranquility
Music and Lyrics by Timothy S. Klugh.
Copyright © 1992 Timothy S. Klugh. All Rights Reserved.

The dream came true-- a fantasy of me finding you.
I've waited so long. To this wish, I've held on so strong.
Through painful tears, I've endured my hope throughout these years.
Now, all I see is the fantasy become reality.

The spring brought forth the image I had held so dear.
And from the north, the winds whispered what seemed so clear.
What I adored, in my heart, I knew was near.
I could not ignore, and I couldn't fear.

Within your arms, I know my agonies are gone.
I'm overcome by the miracles you have done.
You have shown me a passion I thought only burned in me.
And, it's so pure, doubtlessly, I'm finally secure.

Now, I see affection that I thought could never be.
You are, to me, like ever flowing streams of tranquility.
I wet my lips upon the waters that flow from it.
To quench the thirst that could never be fulfilled.

Feelings so deep, trapped in what seemed an endless sleep,
Are fin'ly free to be expressed in all that they can be.
And, they'll flourish passed the fears that's caused me such distress.
And, in the end, to only you, my happiness depends.

I'll catch a glimpse of what the future holds for us.
What once was dim will finally be
Lighted by our strength to keep our precious love alive,
And throughout our years, we'll never forget what it took to get us here.

By then, we'll know what we have is more special than we ever planned--
To last an eternity.