Timothy S. Klugh
Oasis Caravan
Copyright © 1992 Timothy S. Klugh. All Rights Reserved.


Ode to my love


Ode to my love
Music and Lyrics by Timothy S. Klugh.
Copyright © 1992 Timothy S. Klugh. All Rights Reserved.

Ode to my love in my heart is so true.
Suddenly, I am free and I owe it all to you.
You and me so fully have a vast destiny.
So strongly, I foresee that it will last an eternity.

Through my life, rest assured you are first.
In my soul, you've become the water that's quenched the thirst
Of a yearning so long that I kept deep inside
Overflowing with tears and the pain that I would always hide.

You have come with a passion so strong
That I know I belong and never feel alone.
I can fall without fear
'Cause I know you are near.

You have seen all my dreams I believe
That I want to achieve, yet fulfill for you and me.
Like I've planned all along, as our love carries on,
Happiness will be ours. As I strive, the sadness will be gone.

You've shown me that it can all come true.
And, I see it so clear in the love you have proved.
The future I can bare
'Cause I know that you care.

Now, I know I'm in love
It's like a dream sent from above.
I can fly so high soaring through the sky
With you closely by my side.

As I sing the words flow
In harmonies of ageless glow,
And the memories show so vividly
The feelings you have for me.

And, they grow till they show
The happiness I've come to know,
And the ecstasy that now thrives in me
Shows me what I've longed to be.

Soon the pain I once knew
Will disappear far out of view.
As our love holds on, we will weather strong
Anything that comes along.

Through the years we will find
What we have made will last through time.
Time is all we need through eternity
Of the love of you and me.