Timothy S. Klugh
Contemporary Symphony
Copyright © 1992 Timothy S. Klugh. All Rights Reserved.


A man who understands

      Rock & Roll

A man who understands
Music and Lyrics by Timothy S. Klugh.
Copyright © 1990, 2015 Timothy S. Klugh. All Rights Reserved.

You thought I was a "has been",
You thought that talent had come to an end.
Here I go again.
I'm the one with the magic hands,
I'm the one who's become his own band.
I think you know who I am.
'Cause I can rock ya' like no one else can.
I'm your man.

I'm a man who understands
When a woman needs a man--
A rockin' rollin' man.
And, I can make her fly so high.
You know, no one needs to question my why.
You know, they understand who I am.
They know I rock 'em just as far as they can stand.
Yes, I can. Here we go!

I see the world needs a new view,
And no one can do what I do.
And, I can show them too.
If they need a change of pace in life,
You know, I'll show them without any strife.
'Cause, I'm their miracle. Soon they'll know
That I'm the one who can bring back all the fun.
I'm the one.

If you like it kind of low,
You know, I'm always in control.
I can take it slow.
And, when I clash it,
Do you feel a little more?
Do you suddenly know for sure
That I'm a man who'll take the land
With my rockin' and rollin' hands--
A man who understands?

My hands can jump and pump, yet stump the ordinary man.
And, if you like it like that,
I'll make you understand-- Yes, I can--
That I can rock ya' like no one else can,
And, when you need the power, I'm your man.
And, when you want it hot, I've never knew the word stop.
I know you like it a lot-- what I got... again!