Nancy Lincoln and Timothy S. Klugh
Trilogy (Original Edition)
Copyright © 2005, 2011 Nancy Reiber Lincoln
 and Timothy S. Klugh.
All Rights Reserved.




[Original Edition]

Music by Timothy S. Klugh.
Lyrics by Nancy Lincoln
   and Timothy S. Klugh.

Copyright © 2005, 2011 Nancy Reiber Lincoln
   and Timothy S. Klugh.
All Rights Reserved.


First Movement: "Overture"

{no lyrics}

Second Movement: "My Son!"

He said, "Mother, I must leave you now to do my Father's work."
Although my heart is breaking, I could not tell him how I hurt.
He was born a child of wonder, and I knew this day would come,
But I did not see a Savior then, I only saw my son.

I remember in the temple when the wise men stood in awe
That one so young could speak so boldly about our holy law.
Now you're grown; God's will is known; You are His chosen one.
Still, I would take this cup from you... To me, you are my son.

And you shall reign, the angel said, throughout eternity.
God gave the world a Savior, but He gave a son to me.

Your burden will be heavy, but you never will deny
The task that you were born to do, as the angel prophesied.
In my heart I will take ev'ry step with you, and when your journey's done,
I will not hold a Savior then, I will only hold my son.
I will not hold a Savior then, I will only hold my son.


Third Movement: "The Honey"

I bore a king! I bore a king!
I knew the honey, now the sting is all I know.
Where did the honey go?

That joyful day at Cana when you turned water into wine...
That was the first time I saw the honey flow.
Somehow I knew this was something you could do.

And then I heard such wonders,
How you cleansed the wretched leper,
And made the blind eye see.
Your holy touch had raised the dead!

Yet I felt a coming dread
As news of these wonders were spread.
You would be sought by the Pharisees,
Who'd claim your words were blasphemy.

I came to tell you of my fear,
But when they told you I was near,
You said, "This is not my mother?
My mother and my brothers are all who do God's will."

I wonder if you knew the hurt?
I tried hard not to show it.
Son, I am your mother still.
Where did the honey go?

What is this cross? How can it be?
Son, tell them what they want to hear,
Or give the cross to me!
I see you struggle with each blow!

Oh, why must God exact such woe?!
Where did the honey go?
Where did the honey go?

Fourth Movement: "At The Foot Of The Cross"

Woman, go away! Your son will die by end of day!

What has he done? What has he done?! If he must die, I will stand by my son!

Put that sign above his head! We'll leave it there until he's dead!

Why must they pound!? Why must they pound!? I drown in tears, and still I hear this sound?!

Save yourself, King of the Jews! Ha! If you could, that would be news!

You grow so pale! You grow so pale! Why were you born for lash and thorn and nail!?

He does not rule, as you can see! He's just a fool upon a tree!

You say forgive?! You say forgive?! God can! Not I! For as you die, they live!

Let's divide up all his clothes! He won't need them where he goes!

Please take him down! Please take him down!
Why must he bear such pain to wear the crown?! Why must he bear such pain to wear the crown?!

But then one soldier standing by, beneath the storm and darkened sky, I heard him cry!

I thought he was a fake, a fraud! Instead, this man... must be the Son of God!
He is the flame! He is the flame!
I am the moth who bids for cloth and shame. I am the moth who bids for cloth and shame!

Your journey's done! Your journey's done.
It is enough. You drank the cup, my son.
I'll hold you now... I'll kiss your brow... and wonder how...
So long ago... in Galilee... a simple maiden by the sea... how can it be... that God chose me?


Fifth Movement: "The Wonder And The Woe"

The soldiers are not posted yet, and soon the sun will rise.
I sit alone by this cold stone, and still I hear your cries.
I did not always understand the words you said to me.
I do not know why you had to die upon that bitter tree!
I remember when a mother's touch could heal your deepest wound...
In your last hour, I had no power. Now, I weep by your tomb.

"You shall bear God's son," the angel said, but how was I to know
Those words so full of wonder then could fill my heart with woe?

The day you left in raiments lean with a stick to help you climb...
The world held all your children then, and you were no longer mine.
You drew such crowds... Yes, I was so proud but saw with much alarm...
Though many men were gladdened by wonders that happened, there were those who wished you harm.
I longed to hold you once again to ease my fear somehow.
You had no time to see me then, but I am with you now.

To bear God's son, the angel said, was now my destiny,
But Gabriel! You did not tell how deep this pain would be!

I will make my heart think cheerful thoughts of days so long ago,
Or it shall break beneath the weight of the wonder and the woe.
I will see you as a baby boy lying peaceful in the straw.
I will hear again the shepherds' tale as they told me what they saw!
I will watch the carefree child at play when both our worlds were young...
'Til wonder fills my heart again with the rising of the sun!

Sixth Movement: "He Rose!"

"They moved the stone! He is not there!" Mary Magdalene cried,
"And we know not where he's been taken!"
Mary, the mother of James, wept too
As they told the others what they knew.

When John and Peter saw your clothes...
The soldiers took you in the night, they supposed.
And all they could see where you lay was a cold, empty tomb!

But, I who loved and knew you best
Now found my heart at joyful rest.
For, I knew why you were not there...
You rose. Because you rose.
I found my heart at joyful rest because you rose.

And then it was we saw you there...
Your presence turned each head...
"Peace be unto you. I live.
All happened as I said."

Your opened hands revealed the wounds
Where each nail bore our sin.
In your side, we saw the scar
Where the soldier's spear had been.

Thomas claimed, "This cannot be!"
I watched you gently nod.
Then he touched your body's wounds
And cried, "My Lord! My God!
My Lord! My God!"

When I knelt before your feet,
You smiled and had me rise.
"Mother, you have loved your son.
You are precious in my eyes."

No earth was strong enough to hold
The son whom Gabriel foretold
Would sit beside our God!

You are alive, my Lord! All men are saved through thee!
God gave the world a Savior,... and He gave a son to me.