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Rap Lyrics of "Young Women (We'll be each other)"
Copyright © 1992 Timothy S. Klugh. All Rights Reserved.
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Young Women (We'll be each other)


Young Women (We'll be each other)
Lyrics and Music by Timothy S. Klugh.
Published by STARR Records.

Copyright © 1992 Timothy S. Klugh. All Rights Reserved.

Oh, tell me, dear, tell me how much I mean to you,
And tell me that we have more than what the others do.
Give me more than those words; Show me how you feel,
And ease my tender heart, for what we have is real.

Never looking back, blindly forward we should go.
Forgetting all our past, for the present lets us know
That our love is strong— so strong we can't ignore
What has become of us, and the future holds much more.

Don't listen to the others saying we are wrong,
Because we're young with new ideas, for they have lived too long.
Knowing less about the world might be the right way
Instead of the wisdom that screwed the world we live in today.

We'll love each other... We'll be each other.

It's like we're flying on a dream and everything is clear to see
That, regardless how things go, we are meant to be.
We are meant to be.