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Who's Insane?


Who's Insane?
Lyrics by Robert E. Conrad.
Music by Timothy S. Klugh.
Title of music: "Dark War".
Published by STARR Records.

Regarding Lyrics:
   Copyright © 1992 Robert E. Conrad. All Rights Reserved.
Regard Music:
   Title of Music: "Dark War"
   Copyright (C) 1992 Timothy S. Klugh. All Rights Reserved.

As I look out of a window shattered by a blast,
I see massive destruction that man has created.

The sky is dark and grey.
Everything is destroyed.

But, yet, the clock outside above me survived.
Is it a sign that we still have time to rebuild?

Who started this?
Who pushed the button?
Who's Insane?

There's someone shooting in the night.
Something's in the air.
Somebody's screaming for help.
This was caused by a mad man who's in control
Who's Insane?

Who thinks politicians and war is a game?
My mind shows me wasted lands,
But reality is now.

How long will it take before my last breath?
Fear and pain inside--

In this war, everybody dies.
I hope I don't wake up to commit suicide.

Massive destruction because of drugs,
Or massive destruction because of guns?

Screams in the night--
I hope they shoot soon.
I'm in one room.
It's all in my mind.

Time is running out!
I hope they search and find
What caused this madness in my mind.

I think I need more.
I don't remember who I am.

But, the things I do remember
I forgot.
Everything is gone!
Who have I fought?

Nobody's here, so that I thought,
But, yet, I feel the pain.

What have I to gain?
Who's Insane?

Help me!
Is there somebody there?
Who are you?
Can you help me?
Can you?

How long will this last as I think of the past.
Now, the walls have turned green.
So, how come I can feel this dream?

Should I scream to find a way out?
I see a bright light in the night.
I turn around-- everything's gone!

The land is flat, but my mind is round.
There's nothing left to say but
Is this judgement day?

There's nothing in front of me,
But there's flames in my eyes.
When I wake up, will I realize
That it was in my mind, but not a dream.

Mirage or reality in my brain.
Open my eyes, it's all the same.
Is somebody trying to play a game?
My mind is scorched by the same flames.

Death is in front of me that I see.
Is this what life was supposed to be?
This is my insanity.
Who's Insane?

There's buildings destroyed in front of me--
A boy on the swing.
Why is the boy eating ice cream
When everything is burnt to a crisp?
How can I explain?
Who's Insane?

The loss of life I could not count,
But the boy's there.
He says he knows a way out.
There was a doubt that I find.
He's the insanity in my mind.

He showed me to a door.
Behind it will I find another war,
Or will I find peace,
Or will I see my body deceased?
Who's Insane?

Why has the clock stopped?
Has time ended?
Have I ended?
I've got to get to that door.

Now, I'm in the room that I'm in.
My body's all tide down.
Why am I starting to shake?
The war's over,
the pain's gone,
But, yet, there's mud on my feet,
But, yet, my body is totally asleep.