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Copyright © 1992 Timothy S. Klugh. All Rights Reserved.
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My Sweet Fantasy

      Adult Alternative

My Sweet Fantasy
Lyrics and Music by Timothy S. Klugh.
Published by STARR Records.

Copyright © 1990 Timothy S. Klugh. All Rights Reserved.

I've been told before that I would never find my dream,
And I would never be happy until I faced reality.
But, how could I ignore what seems so true to me?
For, if she don't exist, then there's nothing there for me.
I can never define what I feel so strong inside.
She is like a fantasy that has obsessed all my time.

My dreams are like a fable and she is a princess.
I win that fight to save her from what has her distressed.
And, I win her love. From there, we run away
To an enchanted kingdom in a land so far away.
But, the image darkens and, once again, she's gone,
Yet, I still wait for her to come back through the dawn.

If I seem insane, I knew it long ago,
But the truth is that this dream, I can't let go.
She's so real to me. I feel this so strongly
That, in some small way, she is my destiny.
So, I'll keep on dreaming, for this seems right to me,
And I'll keep on searching for my sweet fantasy.
I'll keep on searching for my sweet fantasy.