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Def By Bass


Def By Bass
Lyrics by Robert E. Conrad.
Music by Timothy S. Klugh
Title of music: "Bass Served Cold".
Published by STARR Records.

Regarding Lyrics:
   Copyright © 1992 Robert E. Conrad. All Rights Reserved.
Regard Music:
   Title of Music: "Bass Served Cold"
   Copyright (C) 1992 Timothy S. Klugh. All Rights Reserved.

Please turn down the bass!

'Cause I think I'm goin' def,
Defin' in my hearing until there's nothing left!
Amps turned all the way up-- Def by Bass!
'Never heard of treble, just hardcore bass!
My mind is surrounded by the sound,
Hitting in the car and busting up the ground,
Causing cold def women to turn around-- Def by Bass!
Now it's time to say your grace!

I'm disturbing--
I'm disturbing--
The human race!

Trav'ling from town to town,
'Got my bass turned all the way down.
The deeper it hits or goes
Makes me feel bold!

Def by Bass-- there's no place to run--
Causing eruption in my eardrum!
What does it take to satisfy? Def by Bass!
If so, explain why.

How low can the bass go
Before my brain is in mode to explode?
Because I need some treble to make a sound for me--
Can't you see? It's the bass that I need.
Do you know what's on my mind?
It's the fine lookin' women that walk on right by.
But the bass has the taste that I need,
And it's the only thing that has control of me.
But my brain feels like it's a game,
But my ears is the one that feels the pain.
But my mind has the right rhyme
To keep the bass flowin' until I've discretely and completely
Have become def!

How low
Can the bass go?
I don't know what it takes.
Somebody's got to help me before I lose my hearing
And my mind.
Can you understand what I'm saying
While my composer's playing?
Def by Bass
Won't put your brain to waste!
But the bass has got me in a trance
To make me dance--
But the bass is too deep
To put my brain asleep,
And then again,
I'm Def by Bass!

My brain! My ears! My car! My mind!
To find the right rhyme,
Can you hear the deep bass has made me go def?
But the planet is
Shakin' and quakin' and breakin'
Until everything is Def by Bass!