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Lyrics by Robert E. Conrad.
Music by Timothy S. Klugh
Title of music: "A night on the town".
Published by STARR Records.

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   Copyright © 1992 Robert E. Conrad. All Rights Reserved.
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   Title of Music: "A night on the town"
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Colorblind: Not blind by sight,
But blind in the mind from other colors.



Here we go...


Think about the things you see,
Just 'cause the color's different don't make you better than me.

Being Colorblind, we would see one thing--
The same kind of person with the same kind of dream.
Seeing a color (there's more than one),
We're doing something that should have been done.
It's time to finish what Abe has begun.
Stopping slavery--Nobody's on the run.
Uniting blacks and whites as one--
Now, it's time for us to have some fun
Getting together, playing games
Instead of hanging out with a gang.

I'm telling you something, that's not the way to live.

So, live with a good head on your shoulder,
And don't judge a person by his color.
Because, someday that might be who you follow.

No more colors! One type of mind!
'That type of person who's Colorblind.
Just imagine being the other color,
And being chased and beat by a brother.
And, then you'll know the meaning of racial.

So, think about the things you see,
And maybe you'll then realize
The lies
From your own eyes.

Going Colorblind around the nation
(Causing lies and aggravation),
'Cause some people can't deal with the truth.
I think it's time for us to get to the root
Of the problem that we got.
We think it's about time that it stop!

Maybe, we all need to be good listeners
Hearing not only the words,
But understanding the meaning
Of what has been said.
And, stop the violence before the next person's dead!

I think it's time to find a way out.
I think it's time.
I think it's time.

Another subject about racial word,
And, as you know, it should not be heard
By the little ones or the small kids.
And, as you know, it would dig right in
To their skulls and develop a bad mind.
Listen to the lyrics of Colorblind.
As time goes by and they get older,
They won't turn their backs or shrug their shoulders
About the kids with the different color.

I think we all should set a good example
Before your kid becomes one!

You can't understand what I'm saying?
Well, let me change the whole thing around like this.

C. O. L. O. R. B. L. I. N. D.!
Colorblind one more time!

Now, go!

Prejudice is just a state of mind.
'Is what you need to do is go Colorblind!
Can't you see what I'm saying
While my composer's playing?

Now, go!

Do I have to change history?
Racism, how can we let it be?
Man! We all share the same planet.
Hating other colors, I can't stand it!

Now, go!

I think it's time to find a way out.
I think it's time.
I think it's Colorblind.

Now, go!

Colorblind one more time,
Gonna' do this rhyme all night.
If we wanna' make some peace,
We'll have to make racism decease.
It's the most we can do at the least.
I think I'm going Colorblind.

Think about what you see,
Then distinguish the difference between you and me.
Is there something wrong?
I think you need to turn the volume up and jam this song.
Colorblind one more time.
Now, I'm blind.