Death of the Mad Man
(The Original Poem)
By Timothy S. Klugh
Written: 1990
Copyright 1990 Timothy S. Klugh.  All Rights Reserved.
Revised: November 16, 2006

Someday, when I can no longer take the burden of my world,
I will close my eyes for the last time and soar into space.
There I will feel no pressure, tension or stress.
I will be without reason, I will be without time or place.

I will ponder the questions that were unanswered in life.
I will explore the limits of reality and imagination.
Alone at last, I will react upon whims without care.
My new destiny will be created in emotions and sensations.

When I have reached the farthest that I can possibly go,
I will look back upon the life that I once had.
Suddenly, I will inquire the point that I cared so much
About the people back there who treated me so bad.

Timothy S. Klugh
(C) 1990

Copyright 2018 Timothy S. Klugh.  All Rights Reserved.