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If you haven't downloaded PEC(TM) yet, you'll want to do that first.  Click the BACK button above and read how to download PEC(TM).

PEC(TM) is compressed into WinZIP (R) file, so the program will want to unzip first.  Run the PECDEMO.EXE file and it will ask you where you want it to unzip to.  Choose a directory to unzip the file and click the Unzip button.  When the Unzip operation has completed successfully, you will be shown a message window informing you of it.  Click the OK button to dismiss this window.  You'll then want to click the Close button.  Once finished, you'll want to run the SETUP.EXE file, which will be in the folder where you unzipped PEC(TM) to.  Follow the directions of the PEC(TM) Setup Application to install the software correctly.  It is recommended that you restart your computer once the installation is successfully completed.

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